New Rochelle
Artsy Murals

Discover a unique Art Walk in New Rochelle with 8 spectacular murals reflecting the creativity, diversity and resiliency of this incredible community. A tribute to Mother Nature, Diversity, Gender Equality and many more important values.

Participating artists: AEC Interesni Kazki, Dan Kitchener, ELLE, JDL, Loic Ercolessi, Lula Goce, Mr Cenz and Victor Ash. Production & Curation: Street Art for Mankind. 

We offer a free audio-guide app available on IOS and Android to help you learn more about the murals while doing the Art Walk. You can also use it in front of your computer, by scanning the pictures above.

Download The App

Download the Behind the Wall app

To hear the artist speak about his creative process or the story behind each mural above.

The app also helps you locate the murals closest to you and make creative selfies to share with us and the artist.

Don’t forget to tag us @streetartmankind!

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